Stefano Manfredini is full professor of pharmaceutical chemistry and toxicology, Director of the Master Course in Cosmetic Science and Technology at the University of Ferrara, Italy. This latter, founded in 1979, is the oldest post-Graduation Specialization Course in Cosmetic Science in Italy and prepares post graduate student to this challenging profession. Has a special interest in degenerative processes associated with UV induced oxidative stress. He is particularly dedicated to natural products and their applications and formulation in pharmaceutical, nutritional and cosmetic products. He has solid experience in the extraction, synthesis and characterization of natural products and technology transfer from University to companies. He holds a variety of administrative and teaching posts at the University of Ferrara. He is also the co-founder, in 2003 together with Prof. Silvia Vertuani, of the university spin-off company, Ambrosialab devoted to applied research in the field of drugs, cosmetics and food supplements. He holds more than 180 papers in peer reviewed journals and 15 patents. Oxisol, a recently patented molecule, is the latest achievement in the field of oxidative stress, being the most potent antioxidant currently in the market. The major skills of the research group relies on photoprotective products for application to the dermo-cosmetic field.